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Let’s face it – property managers have a lot on their plates on a daily basis. From dealing with rent collections, tenant relations, and building budgets to keeping the property in the best condition, they handle a lot. The last thing that property managers should have to worry about is the quality and professionalism of the building maintenance and improvement companies that they hire to help keep the building looking its best. Here at Colour Envy Painting, we want to help make sure that they have less to worry about. That’s why we’re going to take you through seven things that property managers should look for when hiring an Edmonton painting company

1. Find an Edmonton painting company that has experience in residential and commercial painting 

You might be thinking… Why would commercial painting experience be necessary when the painting company would be painting residential buildings? The reason that experience in both is necessary is because they each require different skill sets that are both needed. When painting for property managers, professional painters will need to have the precision that residential painting requires while also being able to stick to the tight deadlines and budgets that commercial projects call for. When painting in a customers’ home, professional painters need to pay close attention to detail and aim to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment. When painting in a commercial environment, they need to provide efficient, quality painting services no matter the scale of the project. 

A professional Edmonton painting company that does both commercial and residential painting will bring both of these skill sets to every job. This way, the buildings and properties that property managers manage will be painted professionally, efficiently, and within the allocated budget. These Edmonton painting companies will also have the knowledge to be able to help decide on the best colours for the interior and exterior of the buildings. With industry experience and knowledge under their belts, they’ll be able to ensure that the building is enticing and welcoming and will bring in tenants effectively. 

2. Find an Edmonton painting company that can do both interior and exterior painting 

In a similar sense, by hiring an Edmonton painting company that provides both interior and exterior painting services, property managers can save themselves a lot of trouble. Not only will a painting company who provides both of these services have even more comprehensive industry experience, they will also be able to take care of the entire property, from inside out. Property managers shouldn’t have to go through the hassle of finding two separate Edmonton painting companies to work on the buildings that they manage. Instead, finding a painting company that does both will let property managers rest assured that both the interior and exterior of their properties will be looking their best. Although other factors will obviously affect tenant acquisition, a property that looks well kept and attractive will bring in more tenants than one that doesn’t. Property managers are more than aware that their properties need to make the best first impression possible on potential tenants. 

multi-family property with many apartment buildings and units3. Find an Edmonton painting company that you can rely on and trust 

As we’ve discussed, property managers have to take care of so many things and deal with so many people. When hiring an Edmonton painting company to take care of their interior and/or exterior painting needs, they need to find one that they can trust. Property managers shouldn’t have to hold the hand of the painting company and walk them through every detail. An Edmonton painting company that can take instructions and complete them effectively and efficiently is the better choice for property managers. Once the painting project is in the hands of the professional painting company, property managers should be able to trust them and therefore focus on other things. 

Timelines and budgets are incredibly important to property managers. With quick turnaround times on tenants move-ins and move-outs, property managers need to be able to rely on the Edmonton painting company that they hire to complete the painting project when they say they will. They also need to be able to trust the painters to do the job the right way the first time. Property managers don’t have the time to chase down the painting company and get the painting redone just because they weren’t able to complete the job properly. 

4. Find an Edmonton painting company that will have a dedicated project manager for your project 

An Edmonton painting company that will assign a project manager to the painting project will save the property manager a lot of stress. A project manager will work as a knowledgeable point of contact between the crew of painters and the property manager themselves. At any point throughout the painting project, the property manager will be able to get the answers they need through this project manager. The project manager will also know all of the details of the painting project and will ensure the highest quality end result for the property manager. 

A professional project manager will also complete a final walkthrough with the property manager to ensure that the painting project meets all of the needs. By taking these extra steps to provide complete satisfaction, the project manager and the painting company as a whole is portraying their dedication to the best possible outcome for the property manager.

apartment building with balconies in front of blue sky 5. Find an Edmonton painting company that can adapt to changes and challenges 

Properties and tenants can be unpredictable at times. From unexpected issues with plumbing or heat to unforeseen changes in tenant leases, property managers have to adjust to challenges quickly. Likewise, the Edmonton painting company that they choose to hire needs to be able to do the same. Although it would be ideal for painting projects to go off without a hitch every single time, this isn’t very realistic. Between unexpected building issues to changes in tenant timelines, things come up that require adjustments in painting projects. Professional painting companies should be able to adjust and adapt to whatever is thrown their way. They should have contingency plans in place and be able to tweak their plans according to the property managers’ needs. 

6. Find an Edmonton painting company that helps you attract potential tenants 

As we touched on previously, potential tenants will judge a property somewhat based on how it looks. Chipping paint, faded paint, or uninviting colours have the potential to turn tenants away. Highly visible elements of the property, such as the paint, indicate to tenants that the property manager is dedicated to upkeep of the property. Although this isn’t always the case, property managers that take care of things like the paint at their properties likely also take care of other, more concealed parts of the property. 

A high-quality, professional painting company that provides first-rate painting can, therefore, help property managers to attract more potential tenants. Edmonton painting companies should use professional paint, painting tools, and painting techniques to provide the highest quality paint job for property managers that they work with. A building with a beautiful, precise paint job on the outside and inside is much more likely to be rented than one without. 

7. Find an Edmonton painting company that is WCB insured and has safety procedures in place 

When professional painters are painting hard-to-reach areas of a property managers’ buildings, it’s essential that they have the proper safety measures in place. From overall coverage for any accidents to procedures for using ladders and more, safety procedures are something that every property manager should look for in the painting company that they hire. Property managers shouldn’t have to deal with insurance issues or accident claims. Instead, they should be able to hire an Edmonton painting company that is WCB covered and insured. Additionally, before hiring the painting company, property managers should ask about the specific safety procedures that they have in place. In a perfect world, no accidents would occur. However, it’s essential to have strategies in place to ensure the highest level of safety possible. This will also increase the level of trust between the painting company and the property manager.

At the end of the day, we want to help make the lives of property managers easier and more enjoyable. Working with an Edmonton painting company that is professional and will complete your interior and exterior painting projects on time and on budget will help to do that. 

Is there anything else that property managers should look for when hiring an Edmonton painting company? Let us know by leaving a comment down below. 

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