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When you live in the Greater Edmonton Area here in Alberta, you understand the hassle that the wild weather conditions that we experience each year bring about. From the chilling -40 degree days in the winter to the blistering +30 degree days in the summer, we truly do have to keep the seasons and weather in mind when completing any home improvement projects throughout the year. 

When it comes to residential painting here in Edmonton, it’s tough to know when to paint what parts of your home and how to work with the crazy weather conditions that we experience, rather than against them. Humidity and temperature can not only affect the drying of the paint, but can also dictate whether or not painting is even viable. 

For example, if you try to hire a paint contractor to paint the exterior of your house in December, they’re obviously not going to risk freezing off their fingers just to give you a fresh coat of paint. (There simply isn’t enough money in the world to be worth freezing fingers off!) That one is kind of a given. But there’s actually more to it than that, which we’ll get into later on.

On the other hand, if you hire someone to paint the interior of your home in August, they may suggest that you wait until the colder months. Want to find out why? Keep on reading. 

There are specific times of the year that are ideal for completing interior wall painting, interior item painting, exterior painting, door painting, and ceiling painting projects. By completing these projects at specific times throughout the year, you’ll ensure that your paint projects can be as time- and cost-effective as possible and that the paint job is high-quality and as long-lasting as possible. 

Interior Painting

A fresh coat of interior paint has many benefits for you and your home. Not only does it improve the aesthetic appearance of your home, it can also improve your mood and the general feeling within it! A home facelift with new interior paint can be very refreshing and make your home the envy of the entire neighborhood. 

Best Timing for Interior Painting in Edmonton

Paint dries the best in dry conditions and at moderate-warm temperatures. Thankfully, when it comes to interior painting, we have the privilege of painting in a fairly controlled environment! However, there are some aspects of the environment that we can’t control which is why the winter time is the best time to do interior painting in Edmonton. The cold, dry months moderate internal temperature in your home so that it’s not extremely hot and also reduce the humidity in the air, greatly improving the drying process for the paint. Less humidity in the air means that you can avoid streaking, adherence issues, and longer drying times for your interior painting project, making winter the ideal time. 

Additionally, the temperature of your home is typically moderate in the winter months, not shifting to either extreme of too hot or too cold (unless your heat goes which is a completely different situation). As we can see, when completing residential interior painting in Edmonton, it is not only important to keep in mind the painters and their safety, but it is also important to consider how weather conditions affect the paint drying time and quality. 

Unexpected Conditions – DIY Fixes

If weather conditions do not cooperate while you’re completing your interior painting project, don’t stress. There are some simple at-home fixes that can be used to help the humidity and temperature levels in your home in order to help your paint dry most effectively. Dehumidifiers can be used in the case of unexpected humidity, space heaters can be used in the event of unexpected extreme cold, and fans can be used if things get too hot. 

Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of your home improves the overall value of your home, as well as its curb appeal. Additionally, both the aesthetic appeal and general feel of your home can be greatly improved with a fresh coat of exterior paint. Residential exterior paint also has protective, weatherproofing properties and can help the exterior of your home to look its best for years to come. 

Best Timing for Exterior Painting in Edmonton

Although it is abundantly obvious that exterior residential painting cannot take place in the winter months due to the freezing temperatures and unsafe sidewalk/driveway conditions, there’s actually much more to why the best time for exterior painting is in the summer. Similarly to interior painting in the winter, while doing exterior painting in Edmonton in the summer, it is essential to keep in mind the weather and air conditions as well as the safety of the painters. As mentioned above, it is important to not complete painting projects in any weather extreme, either too cold or too hot. Extreme heat not only negatively affects the paint drying process but can also create unsafe conditions for the painters. One of the main benefits of summertime conditions for exterior painting in Edmonton is that there is a minimal difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures, therefore helping the paint dry consistently. 

That being said, moderate summer days that are free of rain, wind, and extreme heat/sunlight are the most ideal time to complete exterior painting projects. Days that are too hot or sunny can cause the paint to dry or cure prematurely, causing imperfect, inconsistent application. If you try to paint on wet or even slightly moist surfaces, you will have paint adhesion issues, so it’s important to give your exterior surfaces a day or two after precipitation to thoroughly dry out before painting. Strong winds can bring about a wide variety of issues when it comes to exterior painting projects, such as drying issues, splattering on sidewalks, vehicles, and other parts of your home, and even particles and debris drying into the paint on the exterior surfaces, creating a dirty, unfinished look. Therefore, rain-free, wind-free, extreme-heat-free days are optimal for exterior painting in Edmonton. 

Unexpected Conditions – Wait Out the Weather

When it comes to exterior painting, in the unfortunate event of unexpected unideal weather conditions, there unfortunately isn’t much to do other than to wait it out. If extreme wind, unexpected precipitation, or unforeseen blistering heat do arise, the best choice is to place your exterior painting project on hold and wait out the weather. This way, you don’t risk the quality and integrity of your paint project just to speed up the timeline. 

Making the Right Choice for Residential Painting in Edmonton

Due to the ever-changing, extreme weather conditions that we experience here in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, hiring a contractor to do your residential painting projects is the best option. Why, you might ask? Firstly, the timelines of paint projects can double or triple if they are DIY projects whereas hiring professional painters in Edmonton can greatly reduce the time that your paint project takes and, therefore, the risk of running into unexpected weather conditions; although weather reports cannot ever be 100% accurate, the forecast for the upcoming 4-5 days is much more accurate than that for the upcoming 2-3 weeks. Further, by leaving your residential painting to the professional painters, such as Colour Envy Painting’s painters, you remove the stress of finding a window of perfect weather that aligns with your weekend off. Professional painters are not only skilled and knowledgeable in terms of painting, they also have the ability and freedom to evaluate and adjust to changing weather conditions that weekend DIY painters do not. 

Thanks for reading our blog and taking the time to learn about the best timing for residential paint projects in Edmonton! If you’re interested in learning more about Colour Envy Painting and our residential painting services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, please feel free to peruse our website or contact our team by emailing admin@colourenvypainting.ca or calling 780-651-1525!