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Having an Airbnb, VRBO, or other short-term rental or vacation rental in 2022 can be fun, rewarding, and a great form of somewhat passive income. But, to be fun and profitable, your rental property has to attract visitors.

Constantly attracting new guests to your Airbnb or VRBO is definitely a challenge, albeit a rewarding one. It’s essential to set yourself and your Airbnb apart from other competitors. You have to ensure that your property stands out despite the saturated market! 

Although, as professional painters, we can’t help you out with pricing or online advertising, we can definitely help you to choose the best paint colours for your Airbnb! Some potential guests may just be looking for a quick-fix place to stay in a certain location, however, many visitors want more.

These days, Airbnbs are not only there to fill the purpose of a place to stay. Now, people are looking for an Instagrammable, aesthetically pleasing spot for their vacation. We can help you be just that!

We have a few main tips to help you pick the best colour scheme for your Airbnb or short-term rental property. Let’s dive right in!

1. Know your target visitor

One of the most important things to understand before making any choices about the paint colours in your Airbnb is who you want to stay there. 

If you could hand pick each guest that stays at your VRBO or Airbnb, what would they be like? Who, ideally, would you want your Airbnb to be for? 

Are you looking to host young people? Middle aged people? Couples on romantic getaways? Families with lots of kids? Big friend groups looking for a good time? A bachelorette party group? 

Although these things may seem unrelated, knowing who you want to stay in your Airbnb is essential when choosing how to paint both the interior and exterior of it. 

group of women and men on vacation with sunglasses on and their hands in the air
It’s important to know who your target visitor is so that you can the paint colours to them!

2. Understand your location & why visitors come there

The next essential thing to understand is the location that your Airbnb rental property is in and why people come there. Although for the most accurate information, you’ll want to ask your guests directly, there are also some inferences that can be made. 

Is your rental property oceanside in the South of France? Is it next to one of the world’s most renowned ski resorts? Is it downtown in a city where big business conferences are regularly held? Is it close to a big tourist attraction? Is it in the middle of nowhere with no amenities around?

Are you in a city where there’s lots of sports events? Fun nightclubs? Delicious restaurants? Hilarious comedy shows? Sandy beaches? 

Understanding your location and why people choose to come there will help you to create a vibe that perfectly aligns with their trip, making them much more likely to choose you! 

If you know that they’re coming to your location to go to a big basketball game, go for paint colours that are more lively and bold. If they’re coming to your Airbnb for a romantic getaway far away from the world, make sure to create a romantic, relaxed environment using the paint colours you choose. 

sandy yellow and ocean blue themed room
These sandy yellows and ocean blues are perfect for a relaxing summer Airbnb stay!

3. Consider colour psychology

This is where colour psychology comes in! Colours make people feel things, and can affect behaviours and perceptions. Now that you understand who you want to attract to your Airbnb and why they’re coming to your location, you can choose what you want them to feel. 

As we briefly touched on above, it’s important to cater your paint colours to what kind of visitors and events you’d like to host. This way, you can use the principles of colour psychology to achieve what your target guests would like to feel while they stay at your VRBO or Airbnb. 

Colours in an environment can actually also have an effect on peoples’ behaviours. If you want to create an animated, exciting environment for your guests who are there to celebrate, go for brighter yellows, oranges, and reds. 

On the other hand, if you know your guests will mainly be couples or a few friends looking for peaceful, serene weekends away, you can plan accordingly. Earthly neutrals and light, balanced greens and blues can create the atmosphere for these guests. 

If you know you’ll be hosting one or more businesspeople for an important business conference, try a mixture of purples and white neutrals for that calm, focused space. They’ll appreciate their surroundings and the work they’re able to accomplish, trust us. 

wooden chair and table in front of a large window in a big city
Creating the right atmosphere for the purpose of the trip will help attract more visitors!

4. Determine if you want an overall theme or room themes

Now that you know the general vibe that you want to create for your target guests according to who they are, why they’re there, and what kind of environment they want, you can look at the bigger picture. 

If you have a smaller Airbnb, VRBO, or other rental property, it’s probably best to stick to one main colour scheme or palette. Otherwise, there can be far too much going on. 

However, if your short term rental property is larger, there may be an opportunity to have even more fun with the paint colours you choose. For example, if you’re renting out a large house, you can cater certain rooms to certain vibes. 

A peaceful, warm kitchen with butter-yellow cabinets and tan neutral walls could be perfect for downstairs while a deep, dark red master bedroom for the parents and a robin’s egg blue room full of bunk beds for the kids could simultaneously be perfect for the top floor. 

In bigger Airbnbs, you can make sure that you’re catering to various guests and environments simultaneously to attract larger groups with more mixed requirements. However, it’s important that your rooms aren’t clashing. Make sure you look at the colour palette of the house as a whole to make sure it looks good together as well as separated into various rooms. 

One more thing – don’t forget the exterior of your Airbnb! No matter how good your interior painting looks, if the exterior of your home doesn’t match or looks unkempt, you won’t be able to attract as many visitors.

Exterior painting can help you to stand out and can add to the overall look of your Airbnb rental property. 

pink camper van
Pink, pink, pink! Don’t forget the exterior painting of your Airbnb!

5. Review other Airbnbs

Last, but certainly not least, review other Airbnb properties in your area. It’s important to know what the interior and exterior painting of your competitors’ properties looks like before you make your final decision on paint colours for yours. 

If your Airbnb is a beachfront property in Mexico, you may find that a lot of your competitors have chosen to go with an ocean blue and sand neutral theme. If your short term rental property is buried deep within a massive forest, you may see a lot of darker greens and brown neutrals in your competitors’ properties. 

How can you stand out? How can you be different? 

If these themes are popular, it’s likely for good reason. But, choosing to go in a different direction with the paint colours for your Airbnb can help you stand out from the rest. Go against expectations and try something new or different. 

After potential guests have scrolled through page after page of dark green cabins in the woods, seeing one with a deep red accent wall might be exactly what causes them to book in with you! 

colourful living room in Airbnb
Review your competition so that you can make sure you stand out!

We hope that this blog was helpful and gave you a bit of a framework and fresh perspective for choosing the paint colours for your Airbnb, VRBO, or other short-term rental property. 

If you’re looking for some painting advice or to refresh the interior and exterior paint at your Airbnb, we’d absolutely love to help you! Let’s get your property booked up and get as many visitors in as possible with some enticing, unique colour schemes and palettes. 

Give our team of painting experts a call at 780-651-1525 to get started today!