Though Winter is in full force here in the Capital Region, our painters at Colour Envy Painting in Edmonton are already preparing for a busy exterior painting season! Our teams of professional painters, dedicated project managers, and certified interior designer are always planning a season ahead and are looking for innovative and unique ways to help service our clients painting needs.

As a local painting company, one common trend that our team has seen over the past year is the need for Graffiti Removal and Protection Services. No one ever wants to see a tag on the side of their building, especially if you are a property manager for multiple locations. Therefore, having a trusted painting contractor that can address graffiti removal is key to a peaceful year!

Did you know that our team of professional painters at Colour Envy Painting have been providing this painting service for several years? We like to refer to our Graffiti removal services as a reactive and proactive subscription maintenance program.

This is a unique opportunity that can cover both the exterior painting and the interior painting of your property and will work with you not only once the initial tag is found, but throughout your management of the property to ensure that there are proactive precautions put into place to protect your property. We work with The Cleaning Command, a local cleaning company to provide this service to our clients. Check out a brief description of this service below!

Reactive Process :

Step 1 :

The team at the Cleaning Command will provide a premium cleaning service of the affected area to ensure that the space is ready to be painted.

Step 2 :

The team of professional painters at Colour Envy Painting will repaint the affected area, colour matched to the existing colour, and apply a coating of Vandal Guard IsoFree Aliphatic. This not only will remove the existing graffiti and make your building pristine for our clients, but it will protect the surface and make it easier to address if the area is tagged again.

Proactive Process :

How does our team at Colour Envy Painting ensure proactive care after this initial step has been taken? After the initial reactive process has been completed, our clients are then able to subscribe into our Proactive Maintenance Program to ensure future protection against tagging. This is a monthly subscription maintenance program that will protect areas that have a coating of Vandal Guard IsoFree Aliphatic applied. If there is tagging on these portions of your property during your subscription, you can be assured that the area will be thoroughly cleaned, and the tag removed.

Are you interested in working with a local reputable painting company in your area that can address all of your graffiti removal service concerns? Make sure to reach out to our professional painters at Colour Envy Painting today! We would be happy to go over the details of our Graffiti removal and protection services! Connect with our team today.