What Painting Services does our team of professional painters and painting contractors in Edmonton provide for our residential and commercial clients? Our team at Colour Envy Painting in Edmonton provides a variety of services to best suit your needs!


Whether this be interior painting services, exterior painting services, residential painting services, or commercial painting services, we have the right team of professional painters to complete your painting projects and make them look stunning! 


In regards to our interior painting services, our painting contractors offer the following options:

  • Wall painting – of any height
  • Crown molding and Trim painting
  • Paneling and wainscoting painting 
  • Interior door painting
  • Ceiling painting – of any height
  • Built in furniture painting for pieces such as bookshelves, ledges, and mantels
  • Cabinet painting
  • Wallpaper installation and removal services
  • Mural Painting


Not only do we have a skilled painting team that can provide you service for all of these painting needs, but we also have a certified interior designer on our team at Colour Envy Painting! This means that you have a leader with a strong eye for detail and colour choices to help you select the perfect colour to complement your space. Are you ready to get your colour consultation and complementary quote for your next painting project? Reach out to our team of painting contractors at Colour Envy Painting today!


In regards to our exterior painting services, our painting contractors offer the following options:

  • House painting – anything from brick, stucco, wood, concrete, and more!
  • Garage painting
  • Garage door painting
  • Front door painting
  • Outdoor furniture painting
  • Graffiti removal and protection painting


The weather in central Alberta changes frequently, so whenever our team of professional painters and painting contractors have the chance to work on an exterior painting project, we jump on it! Anything from repainting large commercial buildings to helping residential homeowners repaint their front doors to an exciting new colour, Colour Envy Painting has you covered. Don’t see the painting service that you were searching for? Make sure to reach out to our dedicated project managers today! They will be able to provide you with some more information on our custom painting services and help set up the right painting team for your project.


So again, whether you’re looking for exterior painting, interior painting, residential painting, commercial painting, basement painting, kitchen painting, bedroom painting, crown molding and trim painting, garage painting, or other painting services, reach out to our professional team of painters today! We’d be happy to go over the scope of your next painting project with you and help build you a great plan for your renovation project.