Interior Painting Inspo – Valentine’s Colours 

Happy Love Day, YEG! Today is all about expressing love to and spending time with friends, family, and partners alike. (Who doesn’t love love?!) From chocolates and hugs to roses and candy hearts, Valentine’s Day is full of expressions of love and appreciation. It’s also full of shades of pinks and reds…

Today, we’re feeling very inspired by the colours and tones of Valentine’s Day and the gifts, decorations, and expressions of love that accompany it! When it comes to interior painting with reds and pinks, the Valentine’s Day’s classics, they often work better as accent colours because of their brightness and vibrancy and the feelings that they tend to evoke. (More on this later.) Colours can have powerful effects on people and their emotions. By making sure that the colours in your home reflect the feelings you want to experience while spending time there with loved ones, you’ll not only be able to increase feelings of love, but you’ll also get the chance to bring some extra excitement to your home!

That being said, we wanted to share some of our favourite colour palettes that incorporate some of Valentine’s Day’s most beloved colours and chat about how to bring these Love Day inspired tones into your home in the best way possible. 

Interior Painting Inspo Palette #1 – Flaming Chocoholic

Let’s start with a Valentine’s Day fan favourite and a timeless classic when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts – chocolate covered strawberries! These delectable treats are not only the perfect way to your loved ones’ hearts, they also happen to highlight a gorgeous array of colours that can take your interior space from drab to fab. 

Chocolate covered strawberries and palette
Flaming Chocoholic Inspo Palette

This palette is one of our absolute favourites for spicing up a social living space. The warm neutrals compliment the deep, rich red and evoke a sense of confident power. Most people know that the associations that red has with passion and love are rooted in Greek-mythology, but did you know that red’s luxurious feel actually comes from countries such as Italy, France, and Japan and is associated with the rare, expensive nature of red dyes? Back in the day in these countries, red dye was difficult to acquire and only people of wealth and status were able to wear red clothing. Red has been linked to luxury, importance, and status ever since! 

As a colour that is indicative of passion and importance, deep strawberry red can definitely be overwhelming if used too much during interior painting projects. However, when paired with the warm chocolatey browns and neutrals, red can stand as the perfect pop of colour in your home. Painting a door red here and a piece of furniture red there can help you subtly inject hints of luxury and passion into your home. As an energetic, often vibrant colour, red is best used in larger amounts in social, high traffic areas of your home such as family rooms, kitchens, or bonus rooms. However, hints of red in bedrooms and bathrooms can definitely add a sense of romance and intimacy when used on accent walls and furniture pieces. 

Interior Painting Inspo Palette #2 – Pretty in Pink 

For interior painting inspo palette number two, we picked out some pinks to add to the reds, browns, and neutrals to add that soft, romantic feel. This palette plays with the welcoming, peachy pink tones and pairs them with the deeper, romantic red and the rustic brown for a harmonious mix of delicacy and sophistication. (Plus… who doesn’t love a bouquet of string-tied roses to celebrate Valentine’s Day?!) 

pink and red roses and pink wooden heart on string
Pretty in Pink Inspo Palette

As a perfect mix of red and white, pink is able to communicate the innocence and purity that white represents while also suggesting the passionate, loving aspects of deep reds. Not only can this colour evoke a wide array of emotions, it also offers a wide range of tones and shades, making it the perfect colour for your home. From light, delicate baby pinks to deeper, bolder pinks, this colour’s versatility will give you the freedom to add a fresh coat of paint to everything from entire rooms to smaller furniture pieces, all while getting the chance to infuse some Love Day tones into your space. 

Pink is highly associated with youth and innocence and can therefore work for your home in many ways, from painting a nursery top to bottom for a new baby to adding refined accents to a living room for an enhanced sense of youthfulness. When paired with the heavier, amorous red and the homey, bucolic brown, pinks add to the deeper, darker tones and are able to lift and brighten up your space. By pairing browns and neutrals with small highlights of pinks, you’ll be able to bring life and youthfulness to your home while avoiding overwhelming, obnoxious floods of pinks and boring, monotonous saturations of browns and neutrals. 

Interior Painting Inspo Palettes in Action 

Curious to see what these palettes will look like in action in your home? Here are some of our favorite interiors at the moment that highlight these reds, pinks, browns, and neutrals: 

pink nursery bedroom with rocking chair, bed, windows, and cabinet
Baby Pink Nursery
bed with red pillow and red and white striped accent wall and red and pink roses
Red & White Accent Wall

Thanks for reading today’s Interior Painting Inspo blog. We’re sending all our love to you this Valentine’s Day and hope that you get to spend it with all the people you love! 

What holiday, season, or special occasion should we take interior painting inspo from next? Let us know by commenting down below!