Before we get into the details of why now the perfect time is to get your interior painting done, we wanted to address that fact that Halloween is right around the corner! One increasingly popular practice for Halloween has been the painting of pumpkins… which we LOVE! Skip the mess and paint your pumpkin this year with beautiful Fall colours and unique designs. Check out some inspiration photos below!



October and November are the perfect months to get the interior painting done in your home. With the kids in school and the holidays right around the corner, having your high traffic areas readdressed is crucial to having your home in tip top shape for when your family arrives for the holiday season.

High traffic areas are essentially exactly what they sound like. They are the areas of your home that experience the most use from people and unfortunately the most wear and tear. These are areas such as hallways, mud room, dining areas, and entry ways. Scrapes and scuffs can be frequent occurrences, but our team at Colour Envy Painting is here to make your space picture perfect before the holidays arrive!

Our professional teams of residential painters are experienced and have the industry knowledge and tools to make sure your painting project gets done right. Are you ready to start your painting project? Contact our team today for your free quote and to get your process starting!