1. How to test paint colors before committing

    The appearance of paint colors on a color chart is not the same as the impressions on the walls. People often choose their paint color from the chart. In the end, they discover that it looks entirely different after painting. Paint colors may not appear the way you want them to because of the follow…Read More

  2. Why Is Graffiti Bad for Business?

    Why is graffiti vandalism bad for not only your business but also the community? Graffiti rates are unfortunately increasing across the nation and no building is immune to its negative attributes. Tagging and images can be seen everywhere including local shopping centres, on the exterior and interio…Read More

  3. Interior and Exterior Painting Services

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  4. Why Should I Hire A Professional Painter ?

    Whether it is residential painting or commercial painting, there are many reasons why you should hire a professional painting company compared to starting a DIY painting project. Many people underestimate the impact that experience, industry knowledge, and proper materials can make on the finished o…Read More

  5. Professional Painting Services | Colour Envy Painting

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