1. white themed rental home Airbnb with Colour Envy Painting logo

    How to Choose the Best Paint Colours for Your Airbnb

    Having an Airbnb, VRBO, or other short-term rental or vacation rental in 2022 can be fun, rewarding, and a great form of somewhat passive income. But, to be fun and profitable, your rental property has to attract visitors. Constantly attracting new guests to your Airbnb or VRBO is definitely a chall…Read More

  2. man painting a room

    How to Prepare a Room for Residential Painting

    Painting a room or a few rooms in your home is a great way to refresh your space. Colours can have a major impact on emotions and brightening up a room can be exactly the change you’re looking for!  Summer is an excellent time to take on your residential painting projects. But, before you get sta…Read More

  3. home painted nicely with sunset in background and Colour Envy Painting logo

    Top 6 Exterior Painting Tips from Edmonton’s Best Local Painters

    Summertime is often when the majority of exterior painting projects take place in and around the Edmonton area. After all, we simply have to make the most of the warmer weather while we can! With residential exterior painting season coming up quickly, we wanted to provide our valued customers with o…Read More

  4. spin to win colour wheel with woman laughing with paint

    Introducing… the Colour Envy Painting Colour Wheel!

    We’re so excited to announce that we’re rolling out our Colour Wheel today which will give YOU the chance to win a Colour Envy gift card for up to $500 towards your next painting project!  We want to help you bring colour to your life with a fresh coat of paint for the interior or exterior of y…Read More

  5. Colour Envy Painting in YEG

    10 tips for hiring a quality painting company in Edmonton

    Refreshing your home or business by adding a fresh coat of paint can be so exciting. Not only can the colours that you are surrounded by boost your mood, but a fresh coat of paint can also rejuvenate your space and transform a drab, boring room to a revitalising, energising space. But… how does on…Read More

  6. Interior Painting Inspo: Valentine’s Day Colours

    Interior Painting Inspo – Valentine’s Colours  Happy Love Day, YEG! Today is all about expressing love to and spending time with friends, family, and partners alike. (Who doesn’t love love?!) From chocolates and hugs to roses and candy hearts, Valentine’s Day is full of expressions of love …Read More