Graffiti and vandalism are something that many business owners and homeowners have had to deal with. It is never fun to find “art” left on the side of your property, especially when you are left to figure out what to do next. While graffiti may seem harmless at first, you will soon find that there are some major downsides to leaving graffiti on your property.   

Colour Envy in Edmonton has partnered with Cleaning Command to bring you the best graffiti removal and protection services in the area. With unique techniques to not only remove graffiti that was left on your property, but to make it easier to remove graffiti if or when future incidents occur. Contact our team at Colour Envy today for more information!

Why Graffiti Needs To Be Removed

Many wonder how important it really is to remove graffiti left on their property — not wanting to deal with the hassle of it. Here at Colour Envy, our team wants to ensure that you understand the harmful aspects of leaving graffiti for any period of time. Contact us today with any questions or concerns!  

Devalues Property

How the outside of your property looks directly affects the value of the property. When you have graffiti covering the outside of your property, the value will significantly go down. At Colour Envy in Edmonton, our professional painters are dedicated to helping you remove graffiti and cover up any permanent damage caused by it.

Deters Customers

Graffiti on commercial buildings looks extremely unprofessional and tends to cause people to judge your business by its cover. This will most likely deter potential customers from entering your business, and in return, cause you to miss out on potential sales. Colour Envy wants to help your business be as successful as possible!

Helps Prevent Future Incidents

When there is existing graffiti on a property, it tends to attract more people to come and add their “art” to it as well. However, if you have graffiti removed right away, it can help prevent future vandalism incidents from occurring. Contact our experienced team at Colour Envy in Edmonton for all your graffiti removal needs.

Weakens Durability

Most people are aware that there are specific paints that are applied to the exterior of buildings to help protect them from the damaging elements of the great outdoors. When spray painted graffiti is placed on top of this paint, it can weaken those protective aspects and make your building susceptible to those harmful elements.

How Colour Envy Painting Can Help

  • Together with our partners at Cleaning Command, we clean off the graffiti left on your property. 
  • If the graffiti cannot be cleaned or has caused damage to the underlying surface, we re-coat it — covering the graffiti and ensuring your building is left as good as new. 
  • Colour Envy applies a unique anti-graffiti coating to protect your building, while also making it easier to remove any graffiti from the surface in the future.

More About Our Anti-Graffiti Coating

Our anti-graffiti coating is a clear protective layer, which makes it easy to apply to any surface without changing how it looks. While this coating may seem invisible, it offers a number of benefits for your property. When this coating is applied, it will give your property a higher level of protection from wear and elements. If graffiti is ever left on top of this coating, it makes it extremely easy to remove the unwanted “art” without risking the possibility of damaging the surface underneath or leaving you with the only choice of paying to re-coat the painted surface. 

Another notable thing about our anti-graffiti coating is the fact that the majority of the coatings we use are backed by the manufacturers with a 10 year warranty. With all the features that this coating obtains, it can also be beneficial to apply on surfaces within your building that see a lot of vandalism, such as the bathroom. Contact our team at Colour Envy in Edmonton today with any questions or concerns you have about our anti-graffiti coatings!

Graffiti Removal Subscription Package

Beyond offering graffiti removal and protection when you need it most, our team at Colour Envy also offer a subscription package for these services. If your property is often affected by graffiti and you are tired of dealing with it, then this service package is for you. Our experienced team will come and perform the initial cleaning and application of the protective coating. After the initial services have been completed, our team will return to your property regularly to remove any graffiti or other markings as well as touch up and repair any damage done to keep your property looking great both inside and out. Contact us today to sign up for our graffiti removal subscription package!

Contacting Colour Envy

As a locally-owned and operated business, it is our mission at Colour Envy to help add value to your property, while also making it look better than ever. Our team understands the frustration that can come to those affected by graffiti and vandalism, which is why we are proud to offer this efficient and effective solution. Contact our experienced team at Colour Envy today to take care of graffiti left on your property, so that you can focus on the more important things in life! Fill out the form below to receive an estimate.