Why is graffiti vandalism bad for not only your business but also the community? Graffiti rates are unfortunately increasing across the nation and no building is immune to its negative attributes. Tagging and images can be seen everywhere including local shopping centres, on the exterior and interior walls and doors of commercial businesses, in public transportation buildings, and other organizations across the community. But why is graffiti so bad for businesses and the community? Because graffiti: 

  • Discourages people from entering the area
  • Makes businesses less attractive to potential customers and current clientele
  • Lowers property values for not only the affected building but others nearby
  • Loss of potential business and prospects
  • Graffiti has the potential to be offensive and threatening to groups or individuals

Our team of professional painters at Colour Envy Painting frequently sees commercial properties subjected to tagging and other graffiti vandalism from bystanders. Whether you’re being reactive to unwanted graffiti or you’re looking to be proactive with our graffiti removal subscription services, we are always here to help our clients. 

Common questions that our project managers receive from our clients in regards to their graffiti removal needs are:

  1. Should we fix our graffiti problem now or should we wait?
  2. What will happen if the graffiti artists come back?
  3. Is the cost of graffiti removal worth it?

The answers to these questions are simple! Whether you currently have a graffiti problem or you’re looking to be proactive against potential tagging, you should always take graffiti seriously. 

Once your building has been tagged you should contact a local professional painting and cleaning company for graffiti removal services in Edmonton. With the proper team handling the job you won’t have to worry about graffiti artists returning as there will be a protective coat on top of your new coat of paint to proactively fight against future tagging. The investment is truly worth it. 

Connect with our team at Colour Envy Painting today at 780-651-1525 or check out our Graffiti Removal Subscription services to reactively and proactively protect your building from graffiti!