Whether it is residential painting or commercial painting, there are many reasons why you should hire a professional painting company compared to starting a DIY painting project. Many people underestimate the impact that experience, industry knowledge, and proper materials can make on the finished outcome of your painting project.

When you hire a local painting company, like Colour Envy Painting in Edmonton, you can be assured that your interior painting or exterior painting project is taken care of from start to finish. With a detailed free painting estimate, and the option to add on a colour consultation, you can be assured that our team will go over the scope of your project with you to confirm that each item is marked off your list. Our team of professional painters will then collect the proper tools, quality paint and primer, and the specified team for your painting job.

We will come out and provide our premier painting services on time, on budget, and leave a clean space behind. We have the highest respect for you and your home and want to ensure that we give it the treatment that it deserves.

Time is money, and your home is your largest investment. Do not waste your resources on a weekend full of frustration and googling questions such as: Exactly how much paint should I buy? Do I really need primer? Should I trash a paint roller or try to clean it? Should I use oil-based or latex paint? Avoid the uncertainties and hire a professional painter. Call our team of painting contractors at Colour Envy Painting today to learn more about our various painting services and how we can help make your painting dreams a reality.