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Subscription Maintenance Service

Customizable Service Packages To Fit Your Needs

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True Beauty is in the Details

We understand that as business owners, landlords, and homeowners, you don’t always have the time to pay attention to the little details of paint and finish on your property. However, these are still important to keep well-maintained for your property to look its best. 

At Colour Envy Painting in Edmonton, we are dedicated to providing you with the best painting and finishing services in the area. One way that we provide that for your property is with our customizable subscription maintenance packages. You can simply choose what services your property is in need of and our team will come in to perform our services during pre-scheduled visits. Contact Colour Envy Painting today to receive peace of mind when it comes to maintaining a well-kept property!

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Our Process


Our team will initially come in and inspect your property to make note of any areas that need attention.

Initial Repairs

During that first visit, our team will complete any repairing, refinishing, or re-coating that needs to be done.

Quarterly Visits

After those initial services, our team will return every three months to check in and inspect for additional repairs.

Continuous Service

During our quarterly visits, we will continue to repair and re-coat when necessary to keep your property looking great!

Services Available

There are a number of specific services that you can choose to include within your subscription maintenance package. Whether you are needing services for your business’ high traffic areas, up-keep on a rental home, or minor repairs to keep your home looking beautiful, we’ve got you covered at Colour Envy Painting. Call our professional painters today to get started! The following are just a few of the main services that you may want to take advantage of within your subscription package:


Repairing chipping or peeling paint (interior & exterior)




Recoating faded or damaged painted surfaces




Restaining cabinets or other wood surfaces



Refinishing epoxy flooring 




Repairing curled or peeling wallpaper




Removing graffiti and other aspects of vandalism 


Choosing Colour Envy Painting 

Our two main focuses at Colour Envy Painting are to provide our clients with high quality services and to do it in ways that are convenient for them. With these subscription maintenance packages, we are able to provide the highest quality services with the flexibility to fit your schedule. Since the quarterly visits are pre-scheduled, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property will continuously look fresh and well-maintained. Contact your local Colour Envy Painting contractors in Edmonton today with any questions you have regarding our subscription maintenance services!

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